Digital Non-Use

A plain old EV635, waiting to capture some sounds.

Because the use of digital correction has become a primarily de-facto part of the modern recording and mixing process (my opinion, but probably not a controversial one), the non-use of these tools can (in some cases) be regarded as a kind of specific recording aesthetic. Rather than being motivated by a pseudo-moral position concerning the sanctity of performance or the directness of the creative process, the non-use of digital correction can simply be an artistic choice. Records without significant digital manipulation (or even none at all) typically sound different (due not only to the ‘breathing’ of instruments, characteristic of un-managed performances, but also because of the technical constraints put on the musicians involved…performances ‘rising to the occasion’, so to speak), and in so far as the decisions made by the engineers and musicians are intentional efforts pointed in a specified direction, the non-use of digital tools does in fact constitute a sound-choice. My 2 cents. Worth about 2 cents.

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