Hand Branch Studio

"Calling Hand Branch a studio is a bit of a stretch, but what can be done...this production, mixing and lite-recording space constitutes the living room of my small apartment, and is obviously not a professional environment. Still, over the years I have done enough work from here that it made sense to include some information for interested parties. Outside of my personal use, the space is most commonly utilized for cost-saving on sessions that I've run through ARC, usually by pre-mixing and preparing sessions for mixing at the studio. It provides an affordable place for a band to catch their breath, assess their work, explore ideas, and so forth."

•Neotek Series 1/1e console (12 channel, 8 bus, 22 input)
•Custom Tannoy monitors (6.5" dual-concentric, nearfield)
•Studer Revox PR-99 (1/4" 2-track, 7.5-15ips)
•PT10, Waves Bundle, MIDI
•Variety of effects (analog stereo reverb, tape delay, distortion)
•Acoustic, electric and bass guitars (various amps, effects)
•Hammond B3/Leslie 145
•Wurlitzer 200
•Fender Rhodes 88
•Musser vibraphone
•Various percussion
•Kind neighbors